We’re going to record the kids answering some questions about what they know about the Christmas story.  This would be a fun thing to record every year for the first few years and compare their answers over the years.  I think the girls will love it when they get older! I am going to try to remember to do it every year.

Lesson Learned: Recap of why we celebrate Christmas.

Materials Needed:  video recorder

Bible Verse:
Luke 2:1-20 or Matthew 1:18-24

Talking Points:  We just got done celebrating Christmas, wahoo! What a special time to remember that Jesus was God’s Son and that He was born to save us from our sins.  Jesus may have been born a long, long time ago but He is still alive in us today!

Questions and Activity:
Record the kids answering some of the following questions:
What do you remember about the Christmas story: Who was Jesus’ mother? Who was His father?  How did they get to Bethlehem? Where was Jesus born? Who came to visit Jesus? How did the shepherds know where He was?  How many wise men came to visit Him? How did they know how to find Him? What did they bring Him?  Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Here’s a cute example from youtube from a preschool/kindergarten:

Prayer:  Dear God, thank You so much for sending Your Son. We have had so much fun celebrating His birthday and we thank You so much for all the  blessings we have received this Christmas.   We want to glorify You and Your Son every day of our life! Amen!

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