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Lapbooks are a fun and creative way to teach your kids.

Students in Sunday School classes really enjoy them. It puts a new twist on learning the Bible stories.

Teach for Jesus has several for use in Sunday School classes. They are easily adaptable for use in Christian elementary schools.

And lapbooks make GREAT sub plans!

Benefits of Lapbooks

  • New way to learn stories
  • Helps kids remember what they learn
  • Hands on learning
  • Good review of material
  • Practice other practical skills too

Why do I love lapbooks to teach Bible stories so much?

Sunday School students love lapbooks. They take a familar Bible story and put a fun twist on it. Elementary kids who grew up in the church think they know the stories of Noah and the Ark, Moses and the Ten Commandments, or Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

But when pressed, they often can’t recall the details. They know the general story but they often need reminding of the characters and the lessons learned.

And parents like them too. Ask any parent and they are always impressed when a lapbook is sent home with their child. They are a fun teaching tool, fun to look at, and fun to share off with parents.

Try incorporating lapbooks a few times a year with kids in Sunday school; kids love lapbooks!

Tips for Completing Lapbooks in Sunday School

  • Give yourself plenty of time
  • Show the students a completed example before handing them any supplies like scissors or glue. This includes the printouts.
  • Repetition is your friend. After showing the kids a completed example, go over it quickly one more time so kids can see it a second time.
  • I have the print outs in bundles so each kid has their own lapbook “kit” before starting.
  • Let kids work at their own pace.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

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