Jesus’ Birth Fulfilled Many Prophecies

How do we know that Jesus was the Messiah?

What does Messiah even mean?

A Very Brief History Lesson

God promised to send us a Savior (a Messiah) when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden at the very beginning of time. This Savior would save us from sin and destroy Satan and his evil ways.

God established His people (called the Israelites) through Abraham and David’s line, and we can see this promise reiterated all throughout the Old Testament.

As we read the Israelite’s history in the Old Testament, we can see God’s continued promise of a Savior. The Jewish people waited for a long time for this promised Savior. There were many prophecies in the Old Testament about this promised Messiah.

Then, finally, Jesus was born. And all these promises, or prophecies, were fulfilled.

Jesus Fulfills Many Prophecies

The fulfillment of these prophecies helped prove that Jesus was God’s one and only Son, the promised Messiah, the Savior that they had been waiting for.

Download this free resource to help students see just how and what prophecies Jesus fulfilled during His birth in Bethlehem. It is a great addition to a Christmas lesson or Sunday School lesson about Jesus’ life.

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Students can work independently, in pairs, or as a large group to answer the questions. Those who finish early can complete the word search about how Jesus’ birth fulfilled prophecy.

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