Lesson Learned:  God can count the number of days of our lives.
Materials Needed:  construction paper, scissors, tape
Bible Verse: 
Psalm 139:16
16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
   all the days ordained for me were written in your book
   before one of them came to be.
Psalm 90:12
12 Teach us to number our days,
   that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Talking Points:  God knows everything and He knows every moment of our lives.  He counts each day and each day is special to Him.
Questions:  How high can you count?  How high do you think God can count?  How can you make today special for God?


Cut several 1-inch strips of paper.  Form circles with the strips and have the child help you tape the ends.  Form a chain and practice counting the rings with the child. 
Prayer:  Holy Father, You know each and every thing about our lives and you can count our days.  Help us to be a blessing to you each and every day. Amen!

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