Lesson Learned:  God’s glory will shine through us.

Materials:  brown and orange or yellow construction paper, scissors, tape

Bible Verses:
Isaiah 62:1-2
1 For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent,
   for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet,
till her vindication shines out like the dawn,
   her salvation like a blazing torch.

Talking Points:  God does all things for His glory and so that people will know about Him.  He wants to use us to show Himself to others.  We need to be bright, like blazing torches for all to see Him and to know Him.

Questions: Do you know what a torch is?  (Explain to the child how torches help people see when it it is dark.)  How can you help someone see what God is like today?

Activity:   Roll up the brown construction paper like the bottom of a torch.  Cut the top out to look like fire and tape it to the bottom of the torch.  Have fun with the child holding up your torch and praising and singing songs to God.

Prayer:  God, please help us to shine bright for You. We want to be like blazing torches that never go out and we want to be on fire for You always. Amen! 

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