Lesson Learned: We are precious to God.

Materials Needed:  green and red felt, scissors

Bible Verse:
Psalm 17:8
Keep me as the apple of your eye;
   hide me in the shadow of your wings

Deuteronomy 32:10b-11
He shielded him and cared for him;
   he guarded him as the apple of his eye,
11 like an eagle that stirs up its nest
   and hovers over its young,
that spreads its wings to catch them
   and carries them aloft.  

Talking Points: When someone says you are the apple of their eye, they mean you are very special to them. Your mom and dad might even say that your the apple of their eyes because you are so precious to them. They love you a lot! You are precious to them so they take care of you, they teach you things, and they play with you.  You are precious to God too; you are the “apple of His eye” and He will always care for you, love you and protect you.

Questions:  What does it mean when someone says you are the apple of their eye?  Who/what is the apple of your eye?

Activity:  Before you begin the devotional, cut 2 apple shapes out of the felt.  Also cut out a triangle for a nose and a small mouth.

With the child, arrange the cut outs into the shape of a face, using the apples for eyes.  Then scramble it up and have the child make a face by themselves with the pieces.

Prayer:  Holy Father, we are so grateful that we are precious to You.  Please keep me as the apple of Your eye always. Amen!

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