Want to teach your Sunday School students how to pray for missionaries? Use this fun Sunday School toolbox game to teach students how to pray for a missionary.

how to pray for a missionary toolbox activity for Sunday school

At the start of class or during missionary week, you can use this fun toolbox to guide children through praying for missionaries. This prayer activity will help students recognize the unique needs of missionaries and build their compassion in praying for them.

How Do I Use It?

  • This toolbox can help your students pray for missionaries.
  • Cut out the toolbox and the symbols below. 
  • Glue the toolbox to a small container and place the symbols in the container.
  • Have one person draw a symbol from the container. 
  • Have the person pray according to the need that symbol represents. (Each symbol is explained on the following pages). 
  • You can use this toolbox at the of start each class as you pray for missionaries you know, during missionary week, or during a missionary life lesson.

What’s Included in this Missionary Activity?

  • Toolbox
  • Symbols
  • Explanations of Symbols

You can use this toolbox every Sunday, during Missionary Week at your church, or integrate into a lesson about a missionary’s life. If you have time, you may even consider going to a discount store and getting a real toolbox and items to put in the box for students to pull out and use. 

missionary toolbox to help students learn to pray for missionaries. includes toolbox and symbols that represent things to pray for like food, car, medicine bottle and more

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