When my kids entered elementary school, I knew they would be the minority in their classrooms as Jesus followers. I prayed (and still do) that their little lives would shine bright with Jesus’s light.

pink picture with animals and hearts and words that say Valentine's Day Cards.

Sending them to our neighborhood school was scary! What would they see? What would they be exposed to? As hard as it was to send my kids off into the local school, I knew I wanted my kids to be a light to those friends and teachers they would meet along the way.

I always told them that their teachers may not be able to bring up God but they were 100% free to bring Him up any time they wanted to.

How to Share God’s Love in the Classroom

So when Valentine’s Day rolls around, we always make sure that our kids give away Valentine’s Day Cards with Bible Verses. One year we gave away bouncy balls that said “Jesus Loves You.” Another year, we included bookmarks that said “You Are Loved By Jesus.”

I finally made some Valentine’s Day cards to share in their classrooms. I have two sets.

Christian Valentine’s Day Cards for Kindergarteners

One includes some easy, simple games that are perfect for Kindergarten and 1st graders.

Upper Elementary Valentine’s Day Cards with Bible Verses

The 2nd set of Christian Valentine’s Day cards includes some cute animal graphics with Bible Verses. It’s easy to print these Valentine’s Day cards off and staple a pack of gum or piece of candy to give away.

Our kids do not face the rigamarole of school alone. We have a Father in Heaven who is ALWAYS with them. I pray for them daily that their eyes and ears will not see or hear those things that God does not want them to. I know that God has chosen this time and place for my kids to be born (Acts 17:26).

Valentine's Day cards with bible verses. includes god is love, psalm 89:1, psalm 57:10, God is love.

He knows exactly who they will be friends with and how they will witness for Him on the playground. When they are scared, bullied, or having fun, God knows. Pray that your kids will have hearts that will reflect Jesus in their words and actions.

Christian Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids with Bible Verses

We can start by sharing about how Jesus loves each child during Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to print off these cards and share them with the students in your child’s class.

Or if you’re a teacher at a Christian school, you can print these cards off and give them to your students as well. I also have a fun JOY gift tag you can give to your students.

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