Lesson Learned:  God sees and counts your every step.

Materials Needed:  none

Bible Verse:
Job 31:4
4 Does he not see my ways
   and count my every step? 

Talking Points:  God knows everything you do.  He knows every step you take every day.  God wants you to do things that won’t hurt you.  He watches over you to take care of you and can help you make good decisions.  Remember that God is watching you, counting your steps, wherever you go.

Questions:  Did you know God watches your every step?   Why do you think He counts your steps?  Are you glad God watches over you?

On a snowy day, go outside and make footprints in the snow and count them.  Ask them something like, how many steps do you think it will take to get to that (tree, rock, etc)?

Prayer:  Thank You God for watching over me and keeping me safe.   Thank You for watching my steps. Amen!

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