Moses in Egypt

Every kid learns about Moses in Sunday School. Understanding Moses and his role in the Israelite’s history is vital to understanding the Old Testament and the Mosaic Law. These lapbooks provide a fun way to learn or review these Bible stories about the Ten Plagues in Egypt.

Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt

Moses and the Ten Plagues Lapbook

Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt Lap Book

This “Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt Lap Book” is a great tool to teach or review the Ten Plagues sent by Moses to convince Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, to release the Hebrew people from slavery. It is a great supplement to be used with a study of the plagues listed in Exodus 7:24 – 12:36. This is a great Old Testament Sunday School or Bible Lesson for 2nd-4th graders. 

Kids will read and review what the Ten Plagues of Egypt were. They will correctly identify the order in which the plagues happened. They will also answer questions about who Moses and Pharaoh were. These questions are in the form of fill in the blank answers. (Please see the preview for examples of these questions. There are four questions for each person.)

Kids will answer questions about the plagues to help them personalize the lesson and get them to dive in deeper to the lesson. 

1. Which plague, frogs or gnats, would have bothered you more? Explain your answer.

2. Imagine that you lived in Egypt during the time of the plagues. Describe what you think it would have been like to see the Nile River turn to blood.

3. Why do you think Pharaoh was so hard hearted?

4. How do you think Moses felt when he asked Pharaoh to let his people go?

Detailed directions for assembling this Moses and the Ten Plagues Lap Book are included. This lap book provides a simple and fun way to enhance your kids’ learning of the ten plagues of Egypt found in Exodus in the Bible. 

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