Daniel and the Lions’ Den Lapbook

For Sunday School, Christian Bible Lessons, or Homeschool

Enganging lapbook to supplement your study of Daniel and the Lion’s’ Den. 

Daniel and the Lions’ Den

Daniel is one of the most inspiring characters in the Bible. His bravery and miracles are make up some of the most well loved Bible stories told today. This lapbook is a great tool to teach or review the story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den from the Bible found in Daniel 6.

Daniel was taken from his home in Jerusalem after Babylon captured the city. As a young man, he was forced to join the king’s service and adapt to the Babylonian ways. Daniel was a loyal servant to the various kings of Babylon throughout his life. 

When King Darius (a Persian King) became king, Daniel refused to bow and worship him. Daniel refused to pray to anyone but the true and living God. As a result, Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den, where he should have faced certain death. But God sent an angel to shut the mouths of the hungry lions and Daniel miraculously survived his night in the lions’ death.

After the king discovered that Daniel was still alive, he declared “I issue a decree that in every part of my kingdom people must fear and reverence the God of Daniel. For he is the living God and he endures forever…” (Daniel 6:26)

Students will use this lapbook to review this amazing story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den. Detailed instructions and pictures are included. (Make sure you look at the preview for pictures of this lapbook.)


1. This lapbook includes both color and black and white versions.

2. Story Sequencing Cards: Students will cut out the pictures and arrange them into the correct order to retell the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den from beginning to end.

3. Complete the sentences: Students will write how they think the king and how Daniel felt after Daniel survived his night in the lions’ den.

4. Fun facts about lions. 

This is an engaging lapbook for Sunday school classes, Bible lessons in Christian schools, or homeschooling. Age range between 2nd-4th grade.

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