Here’s a great game to help your kids learn the books of the Bible. It’s easy and simple to learn and can be played over and over again.

Learning the Books of the Bible can be a daunting task. There are 66 books to memorize and learn how to spell. Often these names are unfamiliar to young kids and even tougher to spell.

I mean how often do you spell Deuteronomy, Haggai, Zechariah on a daily basis?

Why should we bother teaching the Books of the Bible?

There are several reasons kids need to learn the books of the Bible.

#1 – It helps kids learn how to navigate the Bible. It is our responsibility to know and examine the scriptures, just like the Bereans did. (Acts 17:11) When we go to church, we should take our Bibles and open to the verses that the pastor is reading. Encourage kids to use and read their Bibles at church.

#2 – It gives kids confidence knowing how to use the Bible. If they need Godly advice and encouragement, they can open their Bibles and turn knowingly to the book they are looking for.

#3 – It makes Sunday School classes easier. Not as important as the first two points, it stills makes your teaching much more effective when you can tell learners what verse you are looking for and they can actually turn to it.

#4 – Learning the books of the Bible is one of the first steps to Bible literacy. When students start to understand if a book is in the Old Testament or the New Testament, they start to understand the basics of Bible history. They start to understand that there are historical books, poetic books, and books by prophets.

Learning the Books of the Bible Does Matter

Let’s face it. Kids’ minds are like sponges and when we learn things as kids, we are more likely to remember them as adults. I can’t tell you what I had for breakfast, but I can remember the words to jingles I knew as a kid. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ring a bell to anyone else?

I’ve created this fun Books of the Bible review game to help kids learn the books of the Bible.

This Books of the Bible Review Game is Easy to Play!

First print off the game board of choice. (There are four to choose from). Then follow the game directions. Buy the game here.

Game Directions

Before starting, choose a game board. Print out the game board(s) on card stock. Laminate or place in a plastic sheet protector. Game players will need a copy of the game board and a die.

Cut out the Old and New Testament Bible books playing cards and trim to size. Students will follow the simple game instructions. Small coins or paper pieces can be used as pawns.

Roll the die to see who goes first. The person who rolls the highest number goes first. The playing cards should be placed faced down near the game board. The player flips a card and determines if the book listed on the card is in the Old Testament or the New Testament.

If you get the right answer, you can roll the die and move that number on the game board. (When students are first learning the books, there may need to be an extra player (the judge) who looks up the correct answer on the answer sheet. Students can rotate turns playing the game and being the judge).

The next person takes their turn. If the student answers incorrectly, place the card at the bottom of the draw pile. The next person takes their turn, drawing a card and determining if the book is in the Old Testament or the New Testament. Play continues in this manner until the first person reaches the end of game board. Player must roll the exact number of spaces to enter the end space.

This is a Bible review game that can be used over and over again in your classroom, with Sunday school lessons, or by your homeschoolers.

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