Bible Word Searches are perfect for Sunday School. Kids love them and they are super easy to implement and have on hand in case you have extra time during a lesson. Grab this Animals of the Bible Word Search for your Sunday School.

There are lots of well known animals in the Bible. Sheep, dogs, eagles, snakes, ravens, cows, lions. And bears, oh my!

But have you heard of these animals in the Bible?

Did you know manatees in the Bible? (Also called sea cows. See Numbers 4:4-6) How about baboons (1 Kings 10:22)? What about a peacock (Job 39:13)?

Bible Word Search, Animals of the Bible. Picture of Peacock.

There are certainly some interesting animals in the Bible. Experts even argue over what some of the animals even were! Like what in the world did the Behemoth look like? And what exactly is a cockatrice? (Isaiah 11:8, Jeremiah 8:17)

Ever done a lesson on Leviathan? It will blow your kids’ minds! I’ve never had such rapt attention from the ALL of the learners!

Any creation lessons bodes well for using this animals of the Bible Word Search. Or just use it after any lesson where you find yourself with extra time on your hands.

Grab it now!

This Easy Animals of the Bible Word Search Includes 15 Animals

  • Cow
  • Deer
  • Donkey
  • Dove
  • Eagle
  • Frog
  • Horse
  • Lamb
  • Lion
  • Locust
  • Peacock
  • Quail
  • Ram
  • Sheep
  • Snake

Just how many animals are there in the Bible? It probably depends on what version of the Bible you are reading. Different versions of the Bible call animals different things. Take for example the cockatrice mentioned before. That animal is only mentioned in the King James Version of the Bible.

So what is a cockatrice? It’s a mythical animal; it was a serpent produced from a cock’s egg. It’s thought that the original Hebrew word was unknown. Not knowing how to tranlate it, the translators used the word cockatrice. A few biologoy lessons later and the newer versions of the Bible interpret the word as “serpent” or “viper.”

Now that is pretty interesting.

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