Lesson Learned:  God’s name is Holy.
Materials Needed: construction paper, scissors, marker, straw, stapler
Bible Verse :
Exodus 20:7
 7 “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.
Talking Points:  Nobody likes it when you call them a bad name.  God tells us in the Bible that we should never call Him anything bad or misuse His name.  God is Holy and that’s how we should talk to Him.
Questions:  What are some names we can call the Lord? Is it wrong to call someone names?  Why?
Activity:  Cut out a triangle shaped banner and write “GOD” on it.  Let the child decorate the banner. Then staple it to the straw so the child can hold the banner up high and wave it while singing the song below.

Song to Sing:

To the tune of “Jingle Bells.”  (From DLKT website)

No other Gods, no idols
Don’t misuse God’s name
Keep the Sabbath holy
That’s God’s special day.  HEY!
Honor your mother and father
Don’t murder lust or steal
No false tales, don’t envy
This is God’s great deal.  HEY!
Prayer:  Dear Lord, we know Your name is Holy and we should never call You anything disrespectful.  Help us to honor You and Your name.

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