Jesus did many miracles in the Bible. In John 21:25 it tells us that Jesus did so many miracles that they couldn’t even all be written down in all the books in the world. Now, there are a lot more books today than there were when Jesus lived on Earth.

However even back then, in the ancient Library of Alexandria alone there were at least 200,000 books. That’s a lot of books.

Would all the good things that you do fill a book? A Chapter? A Pamphlet? All kidding aside, Jesus came to Earth and performed a LOT of miracles. And He did them so that we would believe in His name (John 20:30).

Jesus helped deaf people hear, blind men to see, and lame men to walk.

But what was Jesus’s First Miracle?

For His first miracle, Jesus turned water into wine. Jesus and his disciples are attending a wedding in Cana. During the celebration, the hosts run out of wine, a situation that would be socially embarrassing. At the request of his mother, Mary, Jesus instructs the servants to fill six stone water jars with water. Afterward, he tells them to draw some out and take it to the master of the feast. When the master tastes the water that had become wine, he commends the hosts for saving the best wine for last.

Why? What was the significance of this miracle?

Jesus was revealing His divinity for the first time. He was showing those at the wedding that He had complete dominion over time and matter. Wine usually takes a long time to ferment. But Jesus turned water into wine instantly.

And true to form, the first people who recognized Jesus were probably the most surprising. The servants. He tells them to fill the water jugs and bring them to him. So the servants obey. So we also see the importance of obeying Jesus in this lesson and this can easily be turned into a Sunday School lesson.

Lesson Learned:  
When God asks, you should respond eagerly.

Materials Needed: towel, two or more cups of water, something to scoop water with (like a measuring cup)

Bible Verse John 2:1-11

Talking Points:
When Jesus asked the servants to fill the jugs of water, they filled them TO THE BRIM.  They didn’t fill them up half way.  They filled them up until they were almost overflowing.  When God asks us to do something, we should do it to the very best that we can.   We will be blessed when we complete fully the tasks that God asks us to do.

Has God ever asked you to do anything for him?  What was it and do you think you did it the best you could?  What will you do next time?

Have the child fill up the cups with water using the scoop.  Have them fill the cups to the brim.  Place a towel under the  cups to help catch spills.

Thank you, God, for asking me to do things for you.  I pray that I always do them the best that I can. Amen.

activities included for a first miracle of Jesus sunday school lesson

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