Who was Jeremiah the Prophet?

  • Appointed prophet at young age
  • Warned the people to follow God
  • Unpopular among the people
  • Warned the kings to not fightthe Babylonians

Too Young to Be a Prophet

Jeremiah was young when God called him to be a prophet. In fact, Jeremiah did not feel equipped for the job but God insisted that He would be with Jeremiah and give him His words.

Jeremiah began his ministry during the reign of Josiah, and together they tore down altars to false gods and idols. During the end of Josiah’s reign, Jeremiah warned Josiah not to go and fight the Egyptians but Josiah did not listen and as a result Josiah died in battle.

Jeremiah spent much of his life warning the nation and the kings that followed after Josiah to stop their idol worship and return to God.

Jeremiah’s Warning

He warned them that God was going to use Babylon to punish them for their sins. Jeremiah told them not to fight the Babylonians for they were God’s chosen instrument to bring justice to the region.

The people did not like this message and refused to listen to Jeremiah. As a result, the entire city of Jerusalem was destroyed and its people were taken into captivity in Babylon for 70 years.

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