Lesson Learned:  We must lead lives of integrity.

Materials Needed: old-clean-dish towel, marker, 2 safety pins

Bible Verse:
Proverbs 20:7 (NKJV)
7 The righteous man walks in his integrity;
      His children are blessed after him.

Talking Points:  God wants us to live lives of integrity. Integrity means we are always honest, always truthful, and always do what is right.  If you take a cookie when your mommy isn’t looking and she asks you if you took it, you need to say yes, even if you think you might get in trouble. This is what integrity means.  Telling the truth is very, very important.  As your parent, I, too, must walk in integrity–I must always tell the truth and be honest with you.  God tells me so right here in this verse!  Hopefully, I will be able to lead you to live a life of integrity through God’s instruction in the Bible.

Questions:  Have you ever gotten in trouble for lying?  Why did you lie?  What did your mom or dad do? Will you do it again?  What does integrity mean?

Integrity Cape
Draw a large I (for Integrity) on the clean dish towel.  Safety pin one side to each shoulder.  Then, let the child play a game of follow the leader with you, as you lead them all over funny places in the house (under the table, over the couch, underneath the bed, etc).

Prayer:  Dear God, help our entire family live lives of integrity. We want to be honest and true in everything we do.  Almighty Lord, especially help my mommy and daddy in this as they lead us to know You. Thank You! Amen!

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