When is the best time to use Bible Word Searches?

When you’ve planned the perfect Sunday School lesson. You are going to end right on time. You nailed your teaching time, the kids memorized their Bible verses successfly, the game went smoothly, and you are ready to release the kids when the parents come right when they are supposed to.

Only the parents aren’t coming.

And the kids are asking “what’s next?”

“Why is the pastor messing up my perfectly timed lesson?” You wonder.

Of course, you know the pastor isn’t secrectly trying to sabotage your lesson. He just had more important things to say than he normally does. But it still leaves you scrambling.

So now you need to fill the time.

Bible Word Searches are Great Time Fillers

We have several free word searches availabe for you to use during those crunch times.

Download one or all of them and keep on hand for when you need them!

Make sure you share this page with your fellow teachers and pin to Pinterest so you can find it later!

Bible Word Searches are great time fillers, lesson supplements, quiet time activitieis, road trip take alongs, and more. If you can imagine using it for something, then you can!

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