As a stay at home mom, I really wanted to make sure I spent a part of my day teaching the Word to my two daughters.  After watching the movie, “Julie and Julia,” I decided to dedicate this blog to creating daily devotionals for my children.   I know that such devotionals already exist, but I wanted something that went deeper than most of the devotionals I’ve seen and also included some sort of activity like a song or craft to really get the children involved and learning.   My goal is to keep these activities simple with practically no prep work on the activity and no special materials other than some basics like construction paper, glue, scissors, and other items you might have around the house. 

So, like the young Julie in the movie, I’m going to commit to posting a blog every day for the next year.   Please forgive me if I miss a day or two along the way! 

And please leave your thoughts and comments about any of the activities or lessons. I’d love your feedback!

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