Lesson Learned:  God wants us to speak to Him with respect.

Materials Needed:  pictures of child’s family

Bible Verse:
Ecclesiastes 5:2-3
2 Do not be quick with your mouth,
   do not be hasty in your heart
   to utter anything before God.
God is in heaven
   and you are on earth,
   so let your words be few.
3 A dream comes when there are many cares,
   and many words mark the speech of a fool.

Talking Points:  It is important to talk to your parents, your grandparents, your Sunday school teacher, and your friends with respect.  Nobody likes it when you talk to them with a snooty tone or say something rude to them.  This is especially true when we talk to our parents and to God, our Heavenly Father.  God wants to know how we are feeling but we must tell Him so respectfully, for He is all-powerful, all-knowing; He is God!  

One way we can be respectful is to listen carefully when someone is talking to us and not to be distracted by other things.  That’s why sometimes we fold our hands and close our eyes when our pray to God; it keeps us focused on God and helps us not to get distracted by other things. 

Questions:  What does it mean to respect your mom and dad?  How can you show God respect when you talk to Him?

Materials:  Look through an album or photos of your family, including distant relatives like aunts and uncles.  Ask them if they should respect that person (the answer should be yes to all of them!) and how they can show respect to different people in your family.

Prayer:  Dear God, it’s easy for us to talk in a disrespectful tone. Please tame our tongues and let us only use it for praising and honoring You! Amen.

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