Lesson Learned:  God is the ultimate ruler and king. We will all bow down before Him.

Materials Needed: construction paper, scissors, stickers, markers, or crayons

Bible Verse
Revelation 4:9-11

9 Whenever the living creatures give glory, honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne and who lives for ever and ever, 10 the twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne, and worship him who lives for ever and ever. They lay their crowns before the throne and say:

 11 “You are worthy, our Lord and God,
   to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
   and by your will they were created
   and have their being.”

Talking Points:  It is polite for people to take off their hats when they eat dinner or go to church or attend a play.   It is a way to show respect.  The saints in these verses take off their crowns to show their respect to God on His throne.  They realize that God is the only ruler worthy of praise and they bow down before Him. 

Questions:  What does it mean to respect someone?  How can you show God that you respect Him?

Activity:  Cut out a piece of construction paper like a crown.  Have the child decorate it and wear it.

Prayer:  God, you alone are worthy of our praise.  We look forward to the day we will bow before Your throne.  Amen.

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