Lesson Learned:  God is in control.

Materials Needed: Construction paper, scissors, glue, marker

Bible Verse: 
Daniel 2:20-22
 “Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever;
   wisdom and power are his.
21 He changes times and seasons;
   he deposes kings and raises up others.
He gives wisdom to the wise
   and knowledge to the discerning.
22 He reveals deep and hidden things;
   he knows what lies in darkness,
   and light dwells with him.

Talking Points:  God is powerful and wise, and He is in control of everything.  He is the one who created seasons: cold winters, hot summers, rainy springs, and cool falls.  He makes it snow in winter, he makes the flowers grow in springs, and he makes the leaves change color in the fall.   He knows who will be the next leader of this country and the next leader of every country long before we do.  God is in control of all things!

Questions:  What is your favorite season?  Why?  What do you like to do in the winter/spring/summer/fall?

Activity:  On one piece of paper, use a marker to create four equal sections and label them “winter”, “spring”, “summer”, and “fall”.  Have the child help you name something that reminds you of each season (e.g. snowflakes, flower, sun, leaf).   Help the child glue them under the appropriate season heading.

Prayer:  God, You are in control of everything. You change the times and seasons and know every detail of our lives.  Thank You for creating all the seasons. Amen!

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