Lesson Learned:  Our words should be pleasing to God.

Material Needed:  old shoe box, construction paper, scissors, tape

Bible Verse:
Psalm 19:14

14 May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart
   be pleasing in your sight,
   LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.

Talking Points:   What we say is very important to God.  We can use our mouths to praise God or to hurt God.  We have to be careful that we use our mouths and our words for the right thing: to please God.  We should not talk badly about other people or say naughty words.  We should not say bad things about God, but instead we should thank Him for all He’s given us and praise His name at all times.The only words we should speak should be words that our pleasing to God.

Questions:  What do you think is something you can say that is pleasing to God? Do you think God likes it when you say nice things to your friends?  

Cover the shoe box with construction paper.  Cut out several shapes of “lips”.  Every time you hear the child saying something nice, let them tape (or glue) the lips to the box.  How many lips does your child have at the end of the day (or week?)

Prayer:  Father God, thank You for all You have given us. We have so much to praise You for! Please help us to use our mouths only to praise You and bring You glory!  Amen!

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