Lesson Learned:  God always knows where you are.

Material Needed:  
3 plastic cups, 3 pieces of paper cut in squares (small enough to fit under the cups), marker

Bible Verse:
John 1:
43 The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said to him, “Follow me.”
 44 Philip, like Andrew and Peter, was from the town of Bethsaida. 45 Philip found Nathanael and told him, “We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law, and about whom the prophets also wrote—Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.”
 46 “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked.
   “Come and see,” said Philip.
 47 When Jesus saw Nathanael approaching, he said of him, “Here truly is an Israelite in whom there is no deceit.”
 48 “How do you know me?” Nathanael asked.
   Jesus answered, “I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you.”
 49 Then Nathanael declared, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the king of Israel.”
 50 Jesus said, “You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You will see greater things than that.” 51 He then added, “Very truly I tell you, you will see ‘heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending on’ the Son of Man.”
Mark 3:13-19
13 Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him.14 He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach 15 and to have authority to drive out demons. 16 These are the twelve he appointed: Simon (to whom he gave the name Peter), 17 James son of Zebedee and his brother John (to them he gave the name Boanerges, which means “sons of thunder”), 18 Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot 19 and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him.

Talking Points:  We’ve been learning all about Jesus’ friends the last few days.  Jesus’ friends were called Disciples.  Nathanael’s friend, Philip, is the one who ran to him and told him that they had found the person they were looking for (Jesus).  These two probably studied the Old Testament (the first half of the Bible) together so when they met Jesus they would have been very excited about it.  When Jesus met Nathanael, He tells Nathanael, I knew you were sitting under the fig tree.  Nathanael had been there alone so at that point he knows Jesus is the Son of God because there is no other way He would have know that.  Jesus knows where we are all the time and He is always with us, even when we can’t see Him.  God always knows where we are.

Questions:  Who told Nathanael that they had found Jesus? Was Nathanael surprised? How did he know Jesus was the Son of God?  Do you think God knows where you are right now? 

Activity:  On one of the squares of paper, draw a stick figure man.  Then, hide the man and the other two pieces of paper under the cups.  Have the child look for the piece of paper with the man on it.  The child will have fun trying to find the man; unlike God, we have to look for him.  Nothing is hidden from God and He always knows where we are.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, thank You for watching over us. We are so glad You know where we are at all times.  Lead us to You! Amen!

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