This devotional is adapted from one written recently from my friend, Sheila.  She writes a weekly Wednesday Devotional for her friends and family.

Lesson Learned:  God wants us to share His message.  (These M&M’s will help you share it with your child and others; it’s a great way to get them practicing in sharing what Jesus means to them.)

Materials:  M &M’s
Everything Else:
First, pull out a green M& M. When you look at the green M&M, I want you to think of Creation. God made everything we can see, touch, feel, and smell.
Gen 1-2
Next, pull out a brown candy. This represents sin. Sin is when we do bad things, and it makes us dirty like the brown M&M. Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve. Talk about how sin has effected everyone and maybe throw in your own personal struggles with sin. Make sure you let the other person know that sin separates us from God because God is holy. (Gen 3, Rom 6:23)
Now, pull out a red M&M. Red is the color of redemption. Share the gospel! We have some good news to share! We don’t end at brown! We have someone whose name is Jesus who came to die for us. We are freed by His blood, hence the red M& M. (John 3:16)
Next, get out the yellow. Yellow represents glory. Jesus, didn’t just die. No! He rose again! He is ALIVE! and because He is alive in glory and splendor, we have hope. (Luke 24)
Pull out the orange M& M. The orange represents the future. Because of Christ we now have a hope and future. We know that He has ordained all our steps and that all things are in His hand both in this present age and in the age to come. (Jer. 29:11, Rom 8)
Finally, pull out your blue. The blue represents the sky because while I am here on earth, I keep my eye on the sky because I await the promised return of the King. He will come back, and on that day He will set everything right and I will walk with Him for eternity. (1 thess 4: 13-18, Phil 2)
Prayer:  Dear Lord, thank You for making us a part of Your story and Your plan.  We want to share Your message of hope and salvation with someone today. Amen!

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