Preschoolers’ minds are like sponges! They are so eager to learn and they soak up information at an unimaginable rate.

About These Preschool Bible Devotions

It is never too early to start teaching your kids the Bible.

We are commanded by God to teach our children the ways of the Lord.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

God’s words are powerful. His message is life giving. Even the youngest child can be taught that God is the maker of all things and that He loves them. As your kids grow, you can share the awesome stories of God’s miracles like Jesus Feeding the 5,000 and Jesus Walking on Water.

My word that goes out from my mouth.  It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent. Isaiah 55:11

Start instilling a love for God’s word in your kids today. Get tips on making sure you get the most of these preschool devotion lessons.

Jesus’ Disciple, Matthew

Jesus had friends called Disciples that helped spread the Word of God.

Matthew the Disciple Preschol Devotion

Lesson Learned

Matthew was a tax collector, hated by most but loved by Jesus.

Materials Needed

  • blanket
  • 2 chairs
  • handful of pennies

Bible Verses

Matthew 9:9-13 and Luke 5:27-32

Talking Points 

Explain to the kids that a disciple was one of Jesus’ friends while Jesus lived here on Earth. These friends (or disciples) lived with Jesus and learned from Him while He was here. Matthew was one of these special friends. Matthew was also a tax collector.

No one in Jesus’ time liked tax collectors. A tax collector came and took people’s money.  They were looked down upon and had very few friends. However, Jesus knew that this tax collector, named Matthew*, was a good man, a man that knew Scripture and that would love Him.  So, Jesus called Matthew and told him to follow Him and be one of His disciples.  Matthew immediately got up and followed Jesus.  Jesus does not care if others don’t like us or what kind of work we do or what kind of sins we have done.  He loves us and wants us all to follow Him. 

* You might also want to explain to the child that another name for Matthew is “Levi” as seen in the Luke verses.


  • What was Matthew’s job?
  • What did tax collectors do?
  • Can you be a strong person for Jesus?
  •  What kinds of things do you buy with money?  (If someone took all your money, you wouldn’t be able to buy those things.)


Set up two chairs and drape a blanket over them.  Give a small handful of pennies to the child and explain to them that if they want to walk through the tunnel (the blanket draped over the chairs), they have to pay a “tax”.  Whenever the child walks through the tunnel, have them pay you a penny.  Repeat until all the pennies are gone.


Dear Lord, we can’t thank You enough that You love all of us so much.  We know that You are watching over us, even when others are mad at us or don’t like us, like Matthew. Please help us to be strong in those times and remember Your love for us always. Amen!

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