Lesson Learned:  God knows what is in your heart and mind.

Materials Needed: old magazines, scissors, gluestick, magnifying glass, construction paper, something to reward the child like a lollipop or new stickers

Bible Verse:
Jeremiah 17:10
10 “I the LORD search the heart
   and examine the mind,
to reward a man according to his conduct,
   according to what his deeds deserve.”  

Talking Points: God knows exactly what you are thinking about all the time.  He knows if you are thinking nice thoughts about your brother or sister or He knows if you are mad at your friend.   God wants you to be kind to others, to love others, and to confess to Him when you are not. He knows we will get mad sometimes but we must tell Him and He will help you not be mad.  God searches your heart and your mind and He knows exactly what is in them.

Questions: What are you thinking about right now? Did you know that God knew exactly what you were thinking about before you even said it?

Activity: Cut out several pictures from the magazine; let your child cut some out too.  Cut out a large heart out of the construction paper.  With the child’s help, glue the pictures onto the heart.  Give the child the magnifying glass and ask them to search for things in the pictures on the heart (for example, is there a lady wearing red shoes or dog?).

Holy Father and Lord, You know what we are thinking all the time. You search our hearts and minds. Please help us to have hearts and minds full of love and kindness. Amen!

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