Lesson Learned:  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve believed in Jesus, you just have to believe in Him to go to Heaven.
Materials Needed: several stuffed animals
Bible Verse:
Matthew 20:16
16 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

Talking Points:  God doesn’t care if we’ve believe in Jesus our whole life or if we have just gotten to know Him when we are old.  He just wants us to believe in Him and if we do, we will go to Heaven.
Questions:  How old are you?  How old are your mom/dad/brother/sister?  Do you think God cares how old you are when you do things for Him?
Activity:  Give the child several stuffed animals and let them line them up in a row.  Then ask them to make the first one last and the last one first.  They will enjoy changing the position of the animals and lining them up.

Prayer:   Dear Lord, we know You want everyone to believe in You and love You so that they can go to Heaven.  Please lead us to You so that we can live our lives for You. Amen!

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